Parsley, Week 1

According to some recently gifted cookbooks (Ada Boni; Marcella Hazan; the Silver Spoon), parsley appears to be about the only garnish that finishes a dish, for the Italians. So, parsley on scrambled eggs, in a bulgar salad, and on that veal dish from Ada Boni.

Bulgar Salad

This can be made in small or large batches. I just try to make sure that the colors are evenly distributed, meaning that the quantities of each ingredient are balanced with the others.

  • Bulgar wheat: Rinse well with a fine mesh strainer until the water is pretty clear, then put in a bowl and barely cover with water until the liquid is absorbed, about 30 min. If it’s still al dente, add a little more liquid.
  • Equal parts: diced, sauteed red onion (with a little salt); nuts; dried fruit (less fruit that nut); parsley, sans stems, chopped coarsely
  • Dressing: emulsion of red wine vinegar and olive oil