Fresh Garlic, Week 3

Fresh garlic will change your life. Or at least how you cook. It takes less time to peel than older garlic, and one very pungent clove goes much further than the dried, mushy stuff from the store. Plus, if you act quickly enough, the green tops and stem can be cooked, too. They are more fibrous and tough than spring onion or scallion greens and so take a little longer to cook. For the tops, cut off the obviously dried and brown parts, and if wilted, soak in cold water for a while.

Cod in Cream Sauce

Generations of Cape Cod cooks can’t be wrong.

  • Cut the garlic fronds from the stalk(s), wash, and dice roughly.
  • Saute in olive oil and butter with salt until they become bright green and begin to soften.
  • Add half-and-half (or other fatty dairy liquid).
  • When the liquid is warm (not boiling) add the cod with some pepper and simmer gently (with the lid on) until the cod is cooked through. Do not boil. Cod should not be submerged in liquid.
  • Take out the cod and add salt and pepper as needed to the liquid.
  • Pour liquid around cod and serve with warm crusty bread and butter.
  • Promise to eat vegetables the next day.