Anise Hyssop, Week 3

Anise hyssop arrives around late May every year, just when it’s needed most (at least by me). Its delicate licorice flavor is the perfect antidote for sore throats, whatever the cause.

Anise Hyssop Tea

  • Make herbal or black tea according to your fancy, BUT
  • Before pouring the water, tear 4-6 large anise hyssop leave into quarters and add to the cup.
  • Let the leaves steep for at least 5 minutes in the tea.


  • Note 1: Don’t tear the leaves into itty bits because they will be difficult to fish out.
  • Note 2: You could leave the anise leaves in the tea while you drink it if you don’t mind clingy damp solids hitting your lips every time you take a sip.
  • Note 3: Leaves are good for only one steeping.
  • Note 4: Steeping just the anise hyssop leaves, even a large quantity, yields a barely tinted, too-mildly flavored tea for my taste. It lacks depth.
  • Note 5: Honey is the best friend of anise hyssop.