This blog is a public place to present professional and personal projects. I am not promoting alliteration, per say.


I like to think of the sprawling activities that make up each day as projects if only to feel like I’ve accomplished something <roll eyes>. Or, in context-less, pigeon-holed blog vernacular, ‘Projects’ seems more descriptive than ‘Categories.’

  • Mostly Plants, from J&A Farm: This project documents what I get from “my” CSA during the 2014 growing season. I want everyone to love what J&A Farm grows as much as I do, so my goal is to write about cooking and/or preserving the produce from their farm stand in Manhattan. My plan is to provide photos of my regular produce haul plus a basic ingredient list for dishes or meals. I might include brief cooking directions, but I figure everyone improvises, so I won’t expend much energy on detailed recipes. When in doubt, sautee in olive oil with a little salt.
    Actively Updated, Spring-Fall 2014
  • Trip Reports: I picked up the habit of summarizing the events of conferences and meetings from the World of Work. Here, I report on the adventures of Ginger and The Skipper: to provide a sense of closure, especially for long trips, and to remind myself of what we ate or did.
    Sporadically Updated, As Events Warrant, since 2012
  • Today…: a writing exercise to describe in three sentences or less something I’ve seen each day. And a chance to use words not found in the World of Work. I thought of this before I learned about the WordPress Post a Day 2011 challenge, where all posts are aggregated.
    Sporadically Updated, since 2011
  • In Perpetuum: really, it’s what I wanted to name this blog, but some D&D trolls beat me to it. Focus of posts is on archiving my digital materials.
    Not Regularly Updated, since 2011

High-heeled Sneakers

Aside from the obvious fashion possibilities, it’s about New Year’s Eve and listening to a Rolling Stones album of their covers of blues songs. The analog signal is the best “version” I’ll hear of these songs, but I also won’t listen to this album for another year to “save” the vinyl so that it will be accessible in years to come (fire and flood notwithstanding). But there could be fires and floods. And I looked at the wall of vinyl and the racks of tapes and boxes of pictures and then all the hard drives and laptops and phones and realized, “now is the time.” Hooray for museums and libraries preserving cultural artifacts! But unless I get famous nobody will save not just the stuff I create, but the stuff I own, including Brian Jones and Mick Jagger singing “High-heeled Sneakers.”


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