Off to the Races, Week 3


13 May 2016

  • radishes x2
  • rhubarb
  • anise hyssop plants x2
  • sorrel
  • Ethiopian mustard greens (love the sharp bite)
  • nettle
  • plus ramps! (from a neighbor)

I missed the first two weeks, only to catch the end of the sorrel. It’s been a too-warm winter, too-cool spring.

Menu Week 3

  • radishes: raw for munching
  • mustard greens: sauteed, stirred into Japanese buckwheat noodles
  • sorrel: soup, thickened with potato, cream, 2 eggs; sauteed ramps torn and stirred into soup
  • rhubarb: compote with cherries, braised duck legs in compote, sauteed ramps on side
  • nettles: dunked in pasta water until cooked through, stirred into pasta carbonara
  • bonus: sea scallops with ramps; ramps ‘n scrambled eggs

Sorrel is so terribly delicate. Next year, blanch and puree.

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