5 May 2011, Mahoe Bay, USVI to Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Marine Forecast: perfect!!

While Ginger is plucking her eyebrows during a moment of personal hygiene in the pre-dawn hours, she notices that there are small clear blisters under her eyebrows, on her cheeks and forehead and throat. After shaving, she finds small itchy red dots on her legs and stomach. Hmmm. More thorough face-washing, less sunscreen.

Over breakfast, a lone dolphin cruises in and out of the bay, and we decide to walk to the Annaberg Sugar Mill. Then it’s either Jost Van Dyke or Leinster Bay, but we can’t decide. One thing at a time. Having perfected our 2-person dinghy beaching drill in big surf at Cinnamon Bay, Mahoe Beach is a cakewalk (9:30). The Cruising Guide says it’s a brisk 30 minute walk to the Mill. I’m not sure who walks briskly up a steep grade in the tropical heat. And I forgot to bring a seltzer.

We took a brief side trip to see the ruins of the Annaberg school (very cool) and finally made it to the top of the ruins at the Mill just as a wonderful park service employee put out a cooler of water and cups. Hooray US tax dollars! The ruins were well-preserved with lots of signs to read and great views of Leinster Bay. I could have stayed for hours, but somewhere during our walk, we decided Jost was the next destination, so we beat a quick-ish retreat to the boat (11:30). Motoring out, we saw a turtle in the water, and I was sad to leave this little bit of paradise.

After a *very* leisurely sail (12-2:45; winds from 12 to 4 knots), we made it to Great Harbour and were pleasantly surprised to find a mooring ball. After the lowest-stress C&I process I’ve ever experienced, we had a drink at Foxy’s, enjoyed the happy hour musician, strolled the main drag to consider dinner options, and went back to the boat for drinks and snacks until the sun slipped behind the hill.

Then back to Foxy’s for jerk chicken wings (tasty!) and BBQ baby back ribs. These were like Uncle Joe’s ribs, with a sweet, tomato-based basting sauce and then more to cover. The different cut of ribs meant more blackened crunchy parts! The bugs were out, so we didn’t stick around for the DJ. For bathrooms al fresco, Foxy’s is only a close second to Pirate’s Bight, and both were clean and large. More rum and tonic on the boat ensured a sound sleep despite the swell that worked inside the harbor.

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