2 May 2011, Norman Island, BVI

Marine Forecast: eh, we listened to it in Spanish; same wind, same waves, same chance of rain.

It was a bit blowy when we woke up (after the sunrise but not before it was up!), and after the previously “long” day, we decided to keep it local and explore Norman Island – after another cup of tea. Before our trip, I read Treasure Island and learned that Robert Louis Stevenson’s description of the fictional island was based on Norman. Of course I was keen to see if we could find any places that resembled the book.

We went back to Pirate’s Bight dock, and after a man made fun of my dinghy driving, he relayed the news about Osama bin Laden being killed by US troops. We sat bobbing in the dinghy, and it felt miles away, like when a swell moves across a whole ocean and then only lifts your boat a few inches when it passes.

Thoughtful, we wandered up the path on the left edge of the harbor, made some pictures of our boat, and noticed we had the smallest vessel of anyone. So began our conversations about, “next time, a bigger boat.” We retraced our route and took a different path with an eye to reaching the top of one of the ridges. And we did, and I saw a reef and a cove on the southeast side facing the ocean that did match up with Treasure Island!

And then we walked to the very top and saw…. a helipad! How come the Cruising Guide never mentioned this? The view is fantastic, and I suspect on a full moon night it would be even better. It was hot by that time, so we passed on walking more of the trails, but I’ll bring better shoes and a book about rocks. There are lots of different kinds of rocks all within a short distance of one another. Next time….

We drove to Willy T for a cheeseburger and fish and chips in paradise, then back to the boat for a quick change and a drive to The Caves for snorkeling. Ginger is not keen on being in water where she can’t see the bottom, but The Skipper is an experienced diver, so with some hand-holding, this proved to be a successful snorkel trip. After a wet ride home, there was more chillin’, boat drinks, a nap, then a sunset beverage at The Bight. Dinner on the boat was tuna croquettes with a sauce of camembert and sun-dried tomatoes. The stars were amazing.

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